My daily dose. What’s yours?

I have been fortunate in that I have never needed medication for mental illness. I say fortunate, because not everyone can get through depression, or anxiety, and not take medication. What I can say is that I have managed to avoid medication by engaging in behaviors known to counter both depression and anxiety. For example, in 2010, I started a daily Gratitude blog. I managed to write for over 260 days out of 365. I spent those 260 days consciously looking for what to be grateful for and doing the work of expressing gratitude. It had the impact of really changing the structure of my thinking. When I was looking for something to report being grateful for, I wasn’t busy catastrophizing, or worrying about something I couldn’t control.

The other way I know I have avoided a depressive episode is through exercise. I have a very varied routine: Couple of days in the gym, at least 1 to 2 days walking in nature, often with a friend… so as you can see – the exercise, the nature, the social component, are all antidotes to depression and anxiety.

Lastly I am a girl who loves being creative, so whether I am knitting, or throwing clay, writing poems or playing guitar – I have a host of options to take me away from sad thinking, and anxious feelings.

And that’s it. My daily dose. The more we build up resources to lean on when we don’t feel so good, or life becomes challenging, the better we will cope and get through.

Medication is really very necessary for some people. I have seen it have wonderful effects on clients – and for them I say thank God that option is available. For those of us who can get through these times with other forms of help than medication – I say go for it.

So join me! Join me on my Instagram feed and post your Daily Dose! Let the world know what works for you. Let others know how you are coping when life gets hard… because it gets hard for all of us!

My daily dose. What’s yours?