My approach

From the moment we are conceived ...

… we are in a relationship. Our models in our early years are our blueprints for relating to others in adulthood. The therapeutic relationship will provide a space for you to learn to relate more positively first of all to yourself, and by extension, to the rest of your world.

As an individual, you can expect to find the support you need to challenge self-defeating thoughts, deal with your depression and anxiety, or deal with complex family dynamics. Understanding the role our past plays gives us insight into why we still do what we do and why we keep ending up in the same kind of relationships.

For couples seeking assistance I use a collaborative approach that examines emotions and their impact on the relationship. If you and your partner keep having the same arguments, we will slow things down and look at the exchanges that cause you to shut down or push away your loved one when you need them most. By doing so, you can find your way back to the “couple” you want to be.

When working with families my interventions are rooted in the Systemic approach. By addressing communication patterns, the different roles family members play, I help families return to healthy functioning.