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April 1, 2021
This is for all the lonely people…
October 14, 2021

The Other Light..

Hi there, I hope this finds you well and with your resilience intact. 

This is another pandemic blog post, maybe a personal one. The act of sharing has always made me feel a part of something bigger and I kind of need that right now. I also hope it might resonate and be of some help.

So I got vaccinated. Personally – this was a huge relief and an emotional roller coaster. I am one of these people that has been extra careful, quite vigilant, and not travelled to see family. So getting a vaccine that will let me do that was and is a big deal to me. And it felt like a real light at the end of the tunnel… the long, laborious, lonely tunnel.

Once I received the date for the 2nd dose – I started planning. I felt the world had tilted back to a way I could manage. But I think that feeling came too soon, and what seems like for naught. On the heels of my first vaccine dose, more news is coming out about variants spreading – like, everywhere! We went into another sort of lock down. Ontario has shut down completely. We are back to an 8 pm curfew… and so the world tilted back to a way I don’t really understand. That light at the end of the tunnel was getting dimmer and dimmer… 

This inability to plan, to do anything spontaneous, is what I find so challenging. Being patient, and waiting has never been a strong suit of mine. 

It doesn’t seem to be a strong suit of many … out in the world, either walking or cycling; people are irritable, short tempered.. And it feels like a simmering pot of yuckiness. Not many are smiling (unless they are on a bike) .. 

At work, our reserves are getting thin. People are sad, fed up, frustrated for many of the same reasons I articulated above. The on again off again decisions being made by our government is challenging for many. I won’t wax political here because frankly, why would our government know what they are doing? Where would they have been trained in how to handle a pandemic? The utter powerlessness I feel in the face of many of the decisions being made is so difficult. But why would they know any better? My son, bless him, keeps telling me, they are all just doing the best that they can. And maybe they are. 

So I leave you with this: find small things to feel joyful about. My morning bike ride did me a world of good. I still miss my family, and I can also feel my physical best. I can benefit from exercise and endorphins and still feel frustrated with the world as it is right now. I can feel lonely and enjoy the birdsong out back on my deck. Are you getting the message… there are small moments every day that we can in fact rejoice in. We HAVE to. All that despite our longing and frustration with the pandemic.

I wish you peace and comfort today and forward. There is another light … it’s there. 

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