April 13, 2021

The Other Light..

Hi there, I hope this finds you well and with your resilience intact.  This is another pandemic blog post, maybe a personal one. The act of sharing has always made me feel a part of something bigger and I kind of need that right now. I also hope it might resonate and be of some help. So I got vaccinated. Personally – this was a huge relief and an emotional roller coaster. I am one of these people that has been extra careful, quite vigilant, and not travelled to see family. So getting a vaccine that will let me do that was and is a big deal to me. And it felt like a real light at the end of the […]
April 1, 2021

Feel the feels

The session starts:  Hi there how have you been?  Well, I’m really frustrated. I have done all this work in therapy and the other day, I woke up blue. It stuck with me all day and I couldn't shake it.  Oh that’s too bad. Are you still blue? No, it only lasted a day - but still. It makes me feel like I’m failing at what I learned in therapy. Oh. So there’s no room to have an off day? Is feeling sad or lonely no longer part of the human condition? Hmm .. I never thought of it that way.  Sometimes it seems, we lose sight of how things are “supposed to feel”. It is important to understand that […]