Functioning in a Pandemic
April 21, 2020
Holding Two Truths
September 1, 2020

In The Moment

Hi there. So yeah, I’ve been MIA here on the blog. It’s probably a good time to let you know I’m a human being that suffers too. I have found this pandemic a tough curve ball to deal with. And still do.

Like many, my work life has had to change. Everything is now done remotely. I have in fact given up my office – as I can not see myself doing this comfortably in the small, cozy, little office I had. That we (my clients and I) were snug and comfortable together, was part of the work. However, there’s no real ventilation, there’s certainly not six feet between myself and anyone unless I sit in the closet, and I have a lot of over 65 clients. So the decision wasn’t that hard. But it was really hard. That’s work. 

I have found the end of spontaneity (for now) really tough to deal with. I am not free any longer, it seems, to get up and go out and do whatever it was I used to do. We just can’t live that way at the moment. And maybe that’s the piece we all have to hang on to .. “at the moment”.

I will tell you also, dear reader, I have started this post many times, and up until this morning, usually from a place of despair – hence my not writing at all. For some reason today, I am hopeful. So today, I am going to seize this moment.

I have a feeling getting through this time is all about the “moment”. Being in the moment .. because in this particular moment, while it’s a grey, rainy day, I’m healthy, happy, blessed for the level of comfort I have, grateful to be working and loving what I do. This moment, THIS moment, is good. I think all of us have some small part of our day that we can look at and be grateful for. Seize on that moment .. it’s vital.

We can talk about what is going on “at the moment”.. which means it’s not a permanent thing. While our lives may have changed dramatically – at the moment – they will change again. So this terrible pandemic will not be the narrative of a whole life.. but a chapter, maybe a paragraph.. but not the whole story.

So what can we do to be in “a moment”? While we are in “a moment”? How do we collect enough good moments to fill our reservoir so we endure? How do we help ourselves stop and notice the good moments? How do we fill ourselves up enough to get through when it’s more challenging? Because it’s challenging.

One moment at a time. Decide that this moment will be a positive one, or a restful one, or a peaceful one, or an energetic one, or a happy one. Allow for the sad moment .. and when you find yourself there, remind yourself it’s a moment. Allow for the angry, frustrated, lonely time, and again, when you find yourself here – remember it’s but a moment. By their very nature, “moments” come, and then they go. So be kind to yourself. Be compassionate. This is no ordinary moment in time. But it is just a moment in time. 

We got this.

Peace to you. 

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