COVID-19 and All of Us
March 16, 2020
Functioning in a Pandemic
April 21, 2020

Coping with COVID : Some great resources

Hi everyone. What a time we are in!!! If you’re like me, or anyone around these days, there are moments you might be finding yourself struggling with the anxiety of what is happening globally. Fear of illness, the loneliness of isolation and physical distancing, being in the world with something we have never experienced before… it can and does take a toll. So I decided to arm myself with good information – and a way to find moments of peace throughout the day.

The first resource I’m going to share is a course on COURSERA. It’s free. It’s informative. The Guided Relaxation exercise is a balm. We have to be mindful and LEARN how to relax. So we can summon that experience when we need it. Why? Because anxiety and relaxation CAN NOT CO-EXSIST!

Steve Joordens does a really nice job teaching this and taking you through the meditation. Give it a listen. He’s a real mensch.

Click here to get to the course.

One other resource that has touched my heart and I have found extremely useful is Ten Percent Happier Corona Virus Guide.

Here is the 15 minute meditation meant for health care workers, but good for all of us. This mediation tempers expectations – looking for just a moment of rest. Just be a human being and sit there… for just a moment.

We have a journey ahead of us my dear friends. May we accord ourselves moments of peace when we can, care and compassion for one another, and hope.

I’m here with you.

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