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February 6, 2020
Coping with COVID : Some great resources
April 1, 2020

COVID-19 and All of Us

Boy the world is sure in a pickle at the moment. Hi there. I want to share a bit of info about how to help ourselves in this time of anxiety, panic for some, isolation for many …

I’m no exception to the worry. I find myself waking up at least once a night with gnawing anxiety in my stomach. Can I just be clear .. I haaaaaaatttteeee that feeling. Yet here I am. So what to do?

Well here are two things that absolutely help, have helped, continue to help, me tremendously. First off, get outside. I walk a lot. I’m very fortunate to live close to Mont Royal. Walking in the woods calms me down almost immediately. The recommendations about distancing and isolating support being outside and taking walks. Be in nature .. its a balm.

Secondly, I am part of a Sunday night online meditation group. Its called the Do Nothing Project . Jeff Warren’s group has gotten together with the Ten Percent Happier people to provide a really good resource for us in these troubled times. One of the first meditations you will come across is apparently meant for health care workers but its a balm for all of us. Here is the link to their Coronavirus Sanity Guide. I promise it’s really helpful.

Other very helpful ideas are to really, really limit your social media and news hounding. You can get very overwhelmed, very quickly, if you don’t temper the amount of info you take in.

Be in the moment. Stay present. Exercise. Be mindful. If you’re cooking, cleaning, tending to children… find the joy, find the stillness. Be in your body.

As most of my clients now know, I am working remotely. I wish for everyone to think globally, put humanity ahead of our self … we need to help minimize the impact of this virus, slow it down. It’s time to come together and help each other, keep an eye out for each other.

Peace and wellness to you.

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