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December 23, 2018
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January 4, 2019

Some things are worth repeating: A New Year’s Wish .. Honour the Small Things…

Hello and Happy New Year Dear Reader.

I hope January 1, 2019 finds you happy, excited about all the possibilities before you, and surrounded by those that encourage you to bring the best of yourself forward.

At this time of year, I think all of us are tempted to consider great changes in our life, the turning of a new page onto which we project all the wishes we have for ourselves – how we might be better, wealthier, stronger, thinner, happier, more industrious .. God knows the list goes on. I find many of us have a tendency to overwhelm ourselves with the grandness of the change we are seeking …. probably why a lot of that initial energy wanes over the next three months. So what about shifting and funnelling that energy into something actually attainable?

Not too long ago I shared a post – one that suggested a rather smaller change… a 5% change… I’m going to share it again in the hopes that we collectively, can stay committed to change, change that is attainable.

I wish you all the best for a hearty, happy, healthy and gratitude-filled 2019. May you find the strength and support you need to live your very best you.

Peace be with you.


I had an occasion to contemplate the great change that can come about through the smallest acts.  I recently had my bike (Daisy!) refitted – a process I am beginning with this new wonderful bike of mine, as we haven’t worked out all the kinks yet for a pain free ride. So we moved the seat forward, maybe a centimetre and holy banana what a difference!

That got me thinking about a book by Nathaniel Brandon, the Six Pillars of Self Esteem which I often recommend. In it, Mr. Brandon has created exercises for the reader, which require one to write stem sentences. Many of them start with “If I were 5% more…” conscious, positive, aware, kind, patient, compassionate with myself, “I would ….”.

It’s an interesting exercise to contemplate what being 5% more of anything, or bringing 5% more of yourself to something, might accomplish. I also like the fact that really, 5% doesn’t really seem like such a big deal no? Doesn’t seem impossible, seems like something anyone could do.
Sometimes we overwhelm ourselves when we seek to change. We want to revamp ourselves, our partners, our kids. We want to see great things, huge change. And we get disappointed because really, great, sweeping changes are hard to come by, in ourselves or in anyone else. But 5% …. I could endeavour to be 5% more patient, or 5% more compassionate, I could do that.  More interesting is the change that happens around you in response to that 5%.

What will your 5% be?

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