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November 14, 2018
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On my old website I had a page with a number of different community resources. I am going to post that information here – in the hopes that having a separate category on The Blog will make is accessible and available to everyone. If you are a service provider in the mental health field, and you have something to offer that I could post here for others, please get in touch!


AMI Quebec: click here.

If someone in your family is struggling with mental illness, AMI Quebec offers important support services for you. Support groups, counselling, hospital support – are among the services they offer. Check them out, they are a wonderful resource.

The Argyle Institute: click here

I did my Marital and Family therapy training there. They have services for individuals, couples and families on a sliding scale. They have an Eating Disorders team that does great work. They also have a PRIDE psychotherapy team. Fabulous resource in our city. Also – for professionals they offer stimulating educational opportunities.

Suicide Action Montreal: click here

Suicide Action Montreal provides support for those struggling, contemplating suicide, having lost someone to suicide, or if you are worried about someone… 24/7 hotline to help and answer questions. They also provide training to professionals.

Al-Anon Montreal: click here

If you are struggling with a partner, parent or significant other person in your life who drinks, Al-Anon can help. Various chapters in Montreal, serving in both languages. Don’t struggle alone. They also have great resources for children and teens dealing with alcoholic parents.

Alcoholics Anonymous: click here

I post this link here, it is the main site for Alcoholics Anonymous. You can also google AA Montreal and get different information on where meetings are and how to get in touch with them.

La Maison Jean Lapointe: click here

Another important resource in Montreal dealing with alcohol, drug and gambling addiction. They help the individual and the families.


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