November 22, 2018

Resource Information

Hello there. On my old website I had a page with a number of different community resources. I am going to post that information here – in the hopes that having a separate category on The Blog will make is accessible and available to everyone. If you are a service provider in the mental health field, and you have something to offer that I could post here for others, please get in touch!   AMI Quebec: click here. If someone in your family is struggling with mental illness, AMI Quebec offers important support services for you. Support groups, counselling, hospital support – are among the services they offer. Check them out, they are a wonderful resource. The Argyle Institute: click […]
November 14, 2018

A voice in the struggle with body image

Dear Reader… as you may remember, I sent out an invitation for colleagues to be guest bloggers. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would get such wonderful, warm, heartfelt words written to share with you. But here we are! So this month I’d like to introduce you to Terri. Theresa Rindress, is my personal trainer at the NDG YMCA. She is also a group fitness instructor there as well as the coordinator of fitness programs. If you are looking for someone who is devoted, inspiring, dedicated to her career and craft, who will surely bring out the best and the beast in you – then give her a call 514-833-4799. She is a wonderful, wonderful young woman […]