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March 29, 2018
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May 7, 2018

All right. Time to come clean. I deeply believe one of the reasons I’m relatively successful is because I aim to walk my talk. I don’t hold any belief that I am any better than anyone else, especially my clients. I am human and struggle too. Which leads me too ..

So I don’t know how many of you follow My Daily Dose. It’s a daily reporting of what I am doing to not fall into the grips of either anxiety or depression. It’s also about how to stay healthy and somewhat focused, or strengthen my inner resources so that when times get hard I have them to lean on. That’s what my daily dose is all about really. And the belief that it’s a good thing to share.

So then, this will be the last time I mention this (I promised the universe) … I had been sick since mid-December till just three weeks ago. As a matter of fact today is the first three week anniversary of healthiness since mid December. The odd days that I felt better, I went to the gym – but immediately got re-sick. So I stopped going. I felt incapable of exercising, I actually felt incapable of exerting myself in any fashion. So I stopped. And I became unhappy, sludgy, tired – oh my so tired. And irritable, and cranky, and found it hard to focus …

And then .. slowly I got better. I didn’t have a cough, no fever, no more dang runny nose… was not nauseated … I seemed to be ok. So like now it’s time to get up and start moving! Right?! … Except it’s not so simple. It wasn’t so easy. I think I fell into a bit of a rut. I would look at the Daily Dose obligation and feel terrible that I was not showing myself exercising … something I literally admonish clients for not doing! I did the work of looking for beauty, I got to places where I could express gratitude … but no exercising. I didn’t “feel” like it. I was waiting for some kind of emotional indication – like a want, or an urge .. and it just was not presenting itself. And I was getting madder and crabbier.

So this week, despite all that crabbiness, I made my self go back (even though I really didn’t “feel” like it). Monday with my trainer – Theresa Rindress at the NDG Y if you are interested. She is wonderful and caring and pushes when she needs to. I love her and am so appreciative of her. Yesterday I walked on the mountain – mostly because I had a photography assignment to complete – but oh I caught the bug of how much I missed Mont Royal!!! And today – I went to the mountain again and did my one hour loop! I was/am euphoric! It felt so good to be back! The birdsong, the nature, the exercise of it – was fantastic!! Gave me energy. Made me smile. I was singing!! It was awesome.

So to all of you who are “waiting”, who don’t “feel” like it, who are putting it off for just another day … go!!! It’s fantastic!! You are worth it! You will love how you feel after!!! The not wanting to go feeling changes I promise.

Anxious? Go out there and try and listen for different birds, count how many new plants are budding, look for the sure signs of Spring. They are there! And you will feel all the better for having done so. Depressed? Walk with a group, be in the sunlight. It’s healthy for you, improves your self esteem, makes you resilient when times get hard. So much goodness. And we all deserve it.

My greatest wish is to share what makes me feel strong and centred, healthy and vibrant … because I know for a fact if it makes me feel this well, it will do so for you too!

Peace to you.

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