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December 4, 2017
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January 16, 2018

Some important information about depression and medication

As a psychologist, I was trained to think systemically. This means, that no matter what a client presents with – depression, anxiety, mood struggles, relationship difficulties, –  you have to understand the context from which they come, the context of the family they grew up in, what their lives mean to them on a day to day, who are the important relationships in their lives …… and so much more.

Depression, just like anxiety actually, is often a very appropriate response to something going on in your life. If all we do is treat the symptom (which is NOT a systemic way of working) – i.e. the depression – with medication, then we stand a huge chance that this “symptom” – i.e. depression – will return. When the underlying cause doesn’t get dealt with because we believe that the medication is supposed to be making things better, we end up in trouble.

The Guardian has published a brilliant piece by Johan Hari that I will share with you here. Please have a read.

Medication has helped a lot of people, I am not dismissing it’s importance. However, it is by far not the only solution, and very often, not the best solution. Explore. Ask questions. Ask your therapist questions. Ask your doctor questions. Find what fits best for you.

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