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September 12, 2017
Some help for depression…
September 20, 2017

The My Daily Dose project on this site, or here on Instagram, is really all about looking everyday, for what makes me grateful, for what keeps me healthy, for what is beautiful in the world. I choose to do this because I want to be able to get through life without anxiety or depression at best, and without the need for medication for these afflictions at worst. And I am so very fortunate that it works for me.

How I understand what I am doing is this: I am intentionally looking for something to be grateful for, and then reporting – whether to you, the world, or myself. Doing the work of looking – actually keeps me in the moment. Whether looking at nature or art or lovely people, I am in the moment. When I am exercising I’m appreciating the benefits of health and wellbeing – and I then have to pick one to report. The consequence is that I remain focused on all this positive stuff.  It stops me from worrying – because really you can’t do both. I don’t catastrophize or get anxious – because I am looking at what to feel good about.

The social part of it, sharing it, is my wish for us all to help each other. If I find something that makes me feel really good, like walking on Mount Royal a couple of times a week, I want you to know, as it might be useful to you. If my stopping to look at flowers, or butterflies, or art, and contemplating that, and taking a picture of it and sharing it – takes me out of my head and away from my distressing thoughts, I am reasonably sure it will work for you too. And if you share it, it will probably help someone you know too, and if a friend of yours shares, it make help someone ….. you get the picture. I want to create a contagion of gratitude, of well being for all of us. And dreamer that I am, I believe it to be possible.

Finally, all this positive in-the-moment noticing of what is right in the world, calms me down enough and fortifies me enough to deal with the hard stuff. I’m less reactive, feel good about myself and better able to deal with things.

So come join me. What happened to you today that might have you feeling grateful? What did you see? Did you get a chance to take a picture of it? Can you join us on Instagram and share? We all do so much better when we do it together. We all do so much better when we express our gratitude, really. We all do so much better when we allow ourselves to be inspired as well as inspiring.

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