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August 14, 2017
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September 12, 2017

What I learned while riding my bike…

Sometimes I don’t always make the best of decisions. This past weekend for example might have been one of those times. Husband and I decided we would cycle the Nordet … A daunting 80km ride that is pretty much as challenging as the Cabot Trail – which, by the way, when we cycled that, we trained for months! Not only did we decide on the Nordet, but it was our first cycle of the season. I knew something was wrong when a few kilometres in all I ever saw on the road were spandex clad young men and women, on racer bikes, with their Ironman competition numbers on their backs and bikes. Yet… we persevered! I’m sure it didn’t take anyone else four plus hours to do it but who cares, and further more you have no choice – once you get to one end you have to make it back!

I’d like to share some things I learned on my bike this weekend…

In no particular order:

1) Any mountain you have to climb … Always seems bigger just before you start the climb. Every obstacle you have to face, any challenge you have to overcome also, always seems bigger and more daunting at the beginning.

2) The road can be long and arduous, or not. There are things to see, smell, behold. There is always so much more going on in the present moment than just my suffering.

3) Scooch the tail bone, lift the heart forward, ground the sits bones, smiling collar bones, relax the jaw, relax the eyes, breath… Sound like yoga to you? To me too .. But it all applies to cycling too!

4) Listen to your body, it knows what’s good for you.

5) We are all capable of so much more than we allow ourselves to believe.

6) You need to be rolling at a minimum of 12 km an hour, not 11, not 11.5, but 12 km an hour to out pace black flies!

7) Flyng down an 11% grade “hill” at 68km an hour, which is to some degree frightening, is just soooo much fun! Not for the feint of heart though!

8) Flyng down an 11% grade “hill” at 68km an hour makes you put your faith in something!

9) Flyng down an 11% grade “hill” at 68km an hour, makes you wonder why you don’t do stuff like that more often; makes you feel like a kid; makes you wonder if your insurance is all paid up; makes you glad you bought a good bike; teaches you really, to let go (not of the handle bars!).

10) No one is ever going to be able to pedal for me and that’s exactly how I want it to be. I push myself and by succeeding when I do, I’m stronger for it every time. I get to define what that success is – whether that’s completing the distance in four hours rather than 1.5 so be it. If it’s rolling along at 20km am hour rather than 30km, then so be it.

And that my friends, is what I contemplated on my bike this past weekend.

(Originally posted on Blogger May 2013)

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