Together We Thrive


Couples – Trust "I was cheated on once and now I worry when s/he gets calls and I don't know who is calling. I am never sure who s/he is on line with. How do I learn to trust again??"

Together, in a safe and secure environment
Couples - Trust
Self-Esteem "I hate myself. I want to make friends but I just can't seem to do it. Why would anyone want to be my friend anyway?"

You are not alone, call me today
Family – Aging Parents "Mom has been acting funny, forgetting things, losing things. She is not her old self anymore. I am worried dementia may be setting in but I don't know what to do or who to call. I am overwhelmed with the amount of care she seems to need now.""

You are not alone, help is available
Family - Aging Parents
Couples – Sex "Ever since the baby was born, she doesn't want to have sex anymore. She is too tired, the baby is crying, I don't get it, we used to really enjoy each other."

I can help you find your way back
Couples - Sex
Family of Origin "I have never understood why I haven't been able to have a healthy relationship. My parents always fought and my relationships have looked like their's. I want something better for myself."

Together we'll develop more ways of coping
Family of Origin
Couples – Money "We argue about money all the time. I need to manage it properly and s/he just spends and spends. In the end neither one of us are satisfied with our financial life."

Find the common ground, it's possible
Couples - Money
Life Transitions "The kids are just barely out of the house and all of a sudden my parents need me more than ever. Is this what they mean by the sandwich generation?? When will I ever have time for me?"

Together we'll develop more ways of coping
Life Transitions
Depression "I feel sad and worthless. I can't seem to get myself going. I feel like crying all the time for no reason at all it seems. Why do I feel so bad?"

Together we'll develop more ways of coping